Geotab Drive

Training course for drivers

This course is designed to provide drivers with a self-paced tutorial on the Geotab Drive app.

Throughout this program a driver will learn how to log into the app, navigate to and use the different features including:

- HOS logs


- Optional add-in features and more

The course platform largely consists of short tutorial videos that are designed to be used along with a working version of the Geotab Drive app and can be paused at any time or replayed for additional reference.

Joy Bailer
Joy Bailer
Chief Engineer

About the instructor

Joy is one of the instructors at Fleet Nav Systems, whose job includes maintaining the courses and content in our training center, and answering students' questions.  In her spare time, Joy can usually be found practicing Portuguese, developing nerdy apps, watching parkour videos, or experimenting with various squash recipes.

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